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Back to School = Happy Hour for Busy MOMS

Busy moms are ALWAYS looking for beauty hacks and quick tips to look good - operating on minimal sleep and catering to others leaves little time for primping. BUT, if you have a great haircut and polished eyebrows, you can look beautiful in minutes, even with hardly any makeup at all. The hot mommas of PS 41 (116 West 11th Street) head straight to HAPPY HOUR at Boom Boom Booty and Brow Bar 2 (30 Greenwich Avenue – 10th/Charles) from 2:00pm – 3:00pm (M-F) for a FREE lip wax with brow wax. PST – happy hour is a wee bit early to allow a little momma fun before school’s out! Can you believe – FREE lip with brow!!!! 

Boom Boom loves being next to PS 41, and even adapted her regular Happy Hour schedule to accommodate moms between 2-3 to give them a chance to have some fun and be pampered before they pickup their children.

And there is no need to make an appointment, just walk in, and if you’re juggling a dog, babies, other littles, or even a grandmother - they’re welcome too! In just 10 minutes a brow transformation can make you look like you’ve had 8 hours of sleep!

Here’s the beauty of it, even if you leave your house with no makeup at all, beautifully shaped brows will make you look polished…it can be that little something you do for yourself to make you feel like a WOMAN again. Plus, groomed brows frame eyes and make you look less tired (wink, wink).

Stop by any day Monday – Friday at Boom Boom Booty and Brow Bar 2 at 30 Greenwich Avenue – 10th/Charles between 2 and 3…even if you aren’t a mom (wink). 

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