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Did You Get Engaged Over the Holidays? You Need Bridal Brows!

Danielle Boyer, our bridal expert, wants every bride to have the perfect brows on her big day. It’s part of the bridal planning and it starts 6 months before the wedding. Lucky for you, at Boom Boom Brow Bar when you buy 5 brow services, the 6th one is FREE!

Brows are essential for your wedding day look because they frame your face, open up your eyes, and allow you to wear less makeup! Remember, pictures last a lifetime and you want to look like yourself…your most FAB self (wink, wink). 

With over 10 years of bridal makeup experience, Danielle says most brides want a more natural look, and the best way to do that is to start with a prefect brow to frame features.

Fuller brows following the natural shape and arch of your face is the best way to look youthful and vibrant!

Plan for Beautiful Bridal Brows

Let brows grow in for one month. Danielle will shape them and then it takes about 3 to 6 months to train brows to get back on track. This allows time for any hair to grow back in sparse spots to really fineness the shape to best compliment your face.

Get a brow tint. A brow tint is a great way to naturally fill in your brows, picking up all the fine tiny hairs you don’t normally see. It makes brows appear fuller with rich color that defines the shape, and it allows you to only use a tiny bit of brow makeup on your wedding day. Most brides don’t feel comfortable wearing excessive makeup and a tint is the key to looking and feeling more like your beautiful self.


Do your final shaping a week to a few days before the wedding. It’s a must to have flawless brows, because all the tiny hairs around your brow create a shadow, which can give the appearance of droopy brows and eyes (the worst)! A polished brow opens the eye up and creates a subtle lift. It’s important for makeup application too because shadow and liner should flow with the arch of the brow to create a frame to show off eyes. Plus, you need a clean canvas for flawless makeup, it ensures that your primer, liner and shadow go on a smooth clean service and it gives it staying power!


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