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How to Choose the Right Brow Color

Hey Cookies, filling in your brows these days is a MUST, but some of you are still saying that you just aren’t sure about how to choose a color. Boom Boom makes it easy….she says brows should look naturally bold, not fake, so don’t use a color that’s too dark or too light…try soft natural shades that match the undertones in your brow hair. AND, the secret is getting a tint first to make sure all the hair you have it being seen, then you fill brows in with makeup and you are in the game!

Universal shades like our Boom Boom Seamless Brow usually work well on everyone and are a good option for first-timers because they’re typically a more neutral color that blends easily and looks natural. As a rule of thumb, dark brunettes should be careful using extremely dark powder (like black); it can make brows look severe. Most can use a dark brown or soft charcoal. Redheads are hard as many colors can be too strong for their soft features, but a nice taupe usually works well. Blondes, tend to loose their brows from fading and that makes their features disappear, so defining brows with a color a little darker than hair color or one that matches the darkest color of their hair, usually does the trick.

TINT: Start with a tint one shade darker than natural haircolor to make your brows look dense, defined and thicker. If your natural hair and skin has warm tones, stick with a warm tone tint, same for cool. A tint is like a glaze, it’s semi permanent (deposit only color) and gracefully wears away so it looks very natural. Do not EVER lift your brow color with bleach, a regrowth line will appear after a couple weeks. 

Brow Boostier Brow Powders with Angled Brush

MAKEUP: Use an angled brush and powder, brow pencil or pen in a color a tad darker than your natural hair color (and correct tone) to draw on soft strokes of color in the direction the hair grows. How To: http://youtu.be/gjpyyaPu1dg. Go lighter for a more natural look or darker for a dramatic look. Work with the hair that is there - the idea is to shade rather than draw on eyebrows, the line should be soft and blended versus straight and hard. And, do not place your brow color more than one-quarter inch away from where the natural hair growth stops, it will accentuate the fact that there is actually no brow there.

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