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Merry and Bright

Give yourself the gift of decked out brows that are merry and bright with these 3 tips.

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  1. Boom Boom Brow Bar Push up PencilAdd Sparkle. Boom Boom Push Up is perfect for adding that little touch of sparkle that ANYONE can get away with during the holiday season. Use the matte concealer side on the brow bone to create the illusion of lift and dab the sparkle side on the inside corner of the eye for a dash of charm. Or if you dare, cover the entire eyelid with the sparkly side and dive straight into the magic.
  1. Boom Boom Brow Bar Seamless linerGo Bolder. Sure you have your daytime ritual for filling in your brows with powder or pencil, but during the holidays you want to look extra special, so make them more dramatic. Go a little darker and richer with Boom Boom Boostiers brow powder or Seamless brow to really define your brows and make your eyes pop.
  1. Boom Boom Brow Bar Brow-ssiere Clear GelSet ‘em Straight. Once brows are decked, set them in place with Boom Boom Brow-ssiere, it’s a clear gel that sets brows in place so they don’t loose their magic.















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