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Summer Rehab: Brow Rehab

If you know us, you know we’re really into Brow Rehab…and since it’s summer, it’s all about summer rehab and looking good beach and poolside. But, there’s a little groundwork involved, and it’s TOTALLY worth it. Rehab = brow wax and tint = less makeup = summer beauty.

Brows are the most important feature on your face, so it’s worth it to go to a professional for shaping to make sure they’re being groomed in the best possible way for your face shape and features. So many people make so many mistakes when trying to shape their own brows, mostly taking way too much off, so why take the risk of ruining your brows when you can leave it to the pros? A great brow can make you look younger, less tired and bring the focus away or to your worst and best features. And the beauty is, if your brows look amazing, you don't need as much makeup.


Summer Rehab - Get a professional wax once a month so the shape is prime and all hair is on the same growth cycle. And then have a brow tint to make your entire brow look big and bold. A tint defines the shape and colors all the little baby hairs so brows look thick and sculpted. Try to tint one shade darker than your natural haircolor…tint is like a glaze, it’s semi permanent, so it will gracefully wear away after 4-6 four to six weeks. We use a vegetable based dye because it’s safe around the eye area.

With Rehab, your arches will frame your face and make your eyes look FAB, even without makeup. No powder, pomade or pencil will run off in the water, just natural brow beauty making you feel like you are a total beach babe.

Ready for your Summer Rehab? Walk in today at either Location! 

35 7th Ave Location or 30 Greenwich Ave Location

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