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Tricks of the Brow Trade

We all know sculpted brows have become an everyday essential…just look around, there’s hardly an arch out of place these days. Whether you seek professional help or do it yourself, there are some tips and tricks to make sure you’re brow game stays on point.

  1. Don’t neglect above your brows - removing hair from the bottom can create lift, but forgetting to clean up the top area is the different between bold and beautiful and just plain old bold. 
  1. Work on both brows at the same time – you’ve heard us say “brows are sister not twins,” so don’t meticulously shape one and then try to get the other to look exactly the same. Instead, go back and forth throughout the process to gauge what needs to be done to make them symmetrical, not identical.
  1. Take a step back – if you’re staring into a mirror, you concentrate on every little hair rather than the overall shape, so when shaping, make sure you can see your entire face, not just your brows.
  1. Be original – there is no universal perfect brow shape – everyone has different features that come into play, so make sure you look like YOU at the end of the process…instead of someone with perfect brows that look like they belong to someone else.
  1. And remember - removing less is always more.  You can get plenty of shape just taking the stragglers and letting the rest be.   

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