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We Now Offer Lash Lifting!!

Want to make your eyelashes more noticeable? Try Lash Lifting, a hot new beauty service that curls lashes upwards and keeps them there for about 6-8 weeks. It makes you look really pretty, because it opens up your eyes so they look bigger and you look less tired!!

Nichole Garcia does the service and she uses a special solution that does NOT contain Keratin/formaldehyde or peroxide, plus it soothes with aloe and glycerin, which is an added bonus. She basically wraps your lashes around a rod, secures them with a medical-safe glue and applies a solution that reforms the hair bonds so they curl up. The service takes 20 minutes, costs $85.00 and lasts anywhere from 6-12 weeks.

A lash lift is a nice alternative to extensions…truth be told, many people are switching over because it’s more manageable. You can rub your eyes, wash around them and do normal things without getting irritated. You can always save the lash extensions for special occasions when you want to be more dramatic.

An added benefit of lifting versus extensions is that glue does not have to be applied to your skin and there is no extra weight from the extensions to stress lashes and possibly compromise growth or thickness.

 To really make lashes pop, get a tint too. The ends of many people’s lashes are lighter, so getting a tint to go along with the lift makes lashes look even longer and thicker.

About 90% of people are a good fit…those that have extremely short lashes that can’t wrap around the rod or extremely curled up natural lashes won’t benefit from the service as much.

In terms of maintenance, it takes the bonds a couple days to reform, so brushing your lashes in the direction you want them to go is a good idea, especially after sleeping. 

What are you waiting for? Make an appointment - call 646-787-5889 or nichole@cosmeticsnichole.com

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